Struggling to find the stuff called for in my recipes?

The recipes you find on this site are my original ones, using ingredients and equipment traditionally used in Swedish cooking. Some of these may be difficult, if not impossible, to find in your local supermarket, but fear not! Obviously most of these can be substituted with something you will be able to find and I also offer links to websites where you can order them on-line.


We live in a small cabin, with a tiny 1930’s kitchen and the storage space that goes with it. I stick mainly to the basics in terms of equipment, but there are a few things I wouldn’t do without.



If I had more space I would probably own every piece of kitchen machinery known to man. I don’t however, but here is what I do have and use regularly.



Some ingredients used in the Swedish kitchen may not be easy to find where you are. I give you suggestions for substitutes, and in some cases provide links to where you can buy them on-line.